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Do you have critical hiring needs, yet you don't have the time to do the recruiting yourself?

Are you working on a specific project and find that your internal recruiting team has not been able to hit the mark?

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Executive Search & Recruitment
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Open headcount means a loss of revenue.  If you are weighing the loss of revenue vs making your next hire, consider hiring a team of Industry leaders - turned recruiters.  We can help and it will be worth it.

Executive Assessment Services

Our passion, and experience is in helping companies find exceptional talent. Our expertise is in adtech, martech, digital & emerging technologies.  We have partnered with established companies along with VC-backed startups.  

Our Sourcing & Screening process goes beyond the candidates and resumes, as our goal is to connect companies with the best people to help you build or grow your existing business and teams. 

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  • Sales 

  • Sales Management

  • Sales Enablement

  • Account Management

  • Business Development

  • Corporate Development

  • Customer Success

  • Marketing

  • Product Marketing

  • Technical Engineering

  • Operations

  • Product Development

  • Adtech

  • Martech

  • SaaS

  • Digital Media

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